Thursday, August 03, 2017

OMG Braxton Hicks...

So recently i have experience weird stomachache, and only started linking it to contractions after seriously looking out for the symptoms.

Some of the ignorant things i have came to notice include:-

  1. Stomach hardening then softening as i placed my hand on the belly
  2. Stomachache that eventually lead to real poop usually, perhaps <10 frustrating="" is="" it="" lead="" li="" nothing="" of="" really="" the="" time="" to="" which="" will="">
  3. motion of hard->soft belly sometimes fall on the left side then right side by 2nd half of the day
All the above are painless or usually manageable pain (which equates to just your typical stomachache so i ignore them) and then there are those that prolong enough to f**k my mind into converting them into "menses cramp" ---- or is it, really?

Today i decided to entered most of this symptoms, coupled with the weeks of pregnancy i am now at Week 37 and laid my faith in Google. The result were astonishing - or so i tot since i am rather duhz.. ignorant to begin with. 

As it turns out, the legendary Braxton Hicks i've ponder for months about is exactly that! The usually painless contraction are the hardening of belly then softening! How stupid have i been exactly? Is it a good time to finally let the nurses, midwife & Gynae know that - YES i felt contractions so they can at least check if i have started dilating?

Rodman & i are still praying Sonia arrives before the Lunar 7th month which falls on 22 August. Rodman have been talking to Sonia every night teaching her to countdown the days till 11aug which is when we hope she will arrived. I do feel very excited that all this signs meant we might look forward to seeing her as we've planned. 

 I finally understood pregnancy a little more:) so pleased..

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